REALESE / JIS asian bistro

Another our release. Compact Restaurant Jis Asian Bistro & Wine / Jis Ezian Bistro and Vine, opened in the center of Moscow, on Maroseyka 6/8. Interior completed studio ALLARSTDESIGN. The name JIS is translated from Japanese - technological quality standard (Japan Industrial Standards) by analogy with the Russian GOST

The interior is formed by oriental vectors. The hall itself has a rectangular shape. Here are 3 forms of landing, 2 lighting scenarios, because the concept of the institution offers both daytime and more comfortable evening. The color scheme consists of teak wood and olive.
Lamps in the form of a cut bamboo stem, linear rhythm, naturalness are the basis and originality of the interior of the Jis Asian Bistro & Wine restaurant.
Here, on the Japanese grill robat, cook the culinary traditions of Asia and Europe. There are nine sections in the bistro menu: "Start", "Taco", "Poke", "Rolls", "Soups", "Grill", "Wok" and "Desserts".

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Russia, Perm

+7 (922) 347 28 02

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JIS- asian bistro саранин артемий дизайн