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Fresh and bright redesign of the interior of the Russian chain of coffee houses REDCUP

Designer Saranin Artemy: Our acquaintance with the owners of the chain of coffee shops REDCUP, began long before the first release. We reworked a lot of details, suggested concepts and the first release came out.

A few months later, we identified a common style and a new platform was proposed for creation. The location selected an existing coffee house that needed an upgrade, in the second stage of the first floor of the Family supermarket in the city of Perm (Ural).

They offered a new sofa designs, chairs, lamps and even their tiles. Red corporate color - retained accent, of course in the logo, coffee machine and a few strips on the lampshades.

If you pay attention, and most often it is imperceptible, then all the lighting is built in its “interior cube”. Those. from the ceiling or from the walls - no junction.

Design elements, such as branded tile from ALLARTSDESIGN — look modern and very voluminous, with this element the interior is easily read, and the backlight complements the complex shape with additional volume.

The idea of ​​a volumetric tile is formed by a coffee bean, reinterpreted and transformed into a faceted form.

The background design has a vertical rhythm and is created with three materials, imitation of slats, metal and mirror. The mirror panel has its four-layer volume and is emphasized by a diode, point illumination.

The coffee shop offers a large selection of coffee, which you can also take with you if you are in a hurry. For those who do not use regular milk, there is an alternative: soy, lactose-free or skim milk.

Also, in the menu you will find several options for milkshakes, smoothies, different types of tea - from classic black or green to herbal and berry. Original desserts of own production, coffee and fresh interior - like an atmosphere for lovers of a good day and morning.

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Russia, Perm

+7 (922) 347 28 02

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