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Designer Artemy Saranin representing studio ALLARTSDESIGN, designed the interior of the city of European cafe ROLLS №1 in Perm (Russia Federation / Ural). It is located in the premises previously existing youth cafe with modern design, which greatly complicates the problem, because the institution was known in the city and got used to it in a specific format. The challenge was to radically change the existing design and completely remove the last trace.


This project was conceived as a modern place for the young pokleniya that already saturate minimalism, care and standard solutions of public institutions. Stylistic features a cafe ROLLS №1 is eclectic. The main direction of selected American cuisine, as well as interesting disclosed Thai and Japanese cuisine. Interior Design cafe turned in something similar to the casino. The space area of ​​120 square meters. meters divided into several zones, each of which is drawn up by its linking and creating the overall style of the establishment.


Modern interior design ideas, vibrant interior colors and stylish decor turn this coffee store in Perm Metropolis into very modern, new and interesting place to satisfy friends. Eclectic style is among the most spectacular and interesting newest trends in home decorating. Lushome brings this inside style venture to its reader to demonstrate, appreciate or even steal a couple of suggestions for inventive contemporary inside style and eclectic room decorating within their houses.


Reclaimed wooden and unique lights deliver heat and coziness into contemporary interiors and create fashionable and pleasant accents that enrich inside design. Russian designer Artemy Saranin envisioned these colorful and modern interiors, blending conventional and modern materials with modern and eclectic styles.


ROLLS №1– one will be the espresso store in Perm Metropolis, inviting people to enjoy enjoyable time in elegant and creative environment. Contemporary inside style ideas are enriched by utilizing an revolutionary and surprising combination of traditional and reclaimed supplies. one hundred twenty sq m areas look thrilling, celebrating the eclectic style and colorful details.

Colorful interior design suggestions in eclectic fashion turning old farm house into cozy modern home.

Unique glass ceiling designs and salvaged wooden making magnificent modern interiors in eclectic style.

120 sq m area is split into several zones, and all areas are united by colors and textures. Unique ceiling styles, reclaimed wood, striking lighting fixtures, comfy upholstered furniture in bright and light-weight neutral colors, inventive wall decorating ideas and lots of glass components flip these spaces into this wonderful, inviting and classy espresso store.


Eclectic style borrows a variety of inside design suggestions from different designs and produces distinctive, unusual and bright combinations of interior colors, textures and designs. Contemporary interior style in eclectic style is sort of a mixed style in good arts, producing novel and original options.

Various influences, reclaimed wooden and steel, contemporary materials, unexpected designs and vibrant colorful accents produce gorgeous modern interiors that look like artworks. Eclectic style is good for individuals who can’t determine on a specific fashion to choose. A mixture of different inside style styles allow to make truly individual, appealing and contemporary interiors with character and distinctive vibe.


Eclectic interior style ideas with exotic taste from Italian designers


Unusual furniture portray suggestions for eclectic inside decorating


Eclectic style is essentially based on the idea of mix and match, mixing with each other the inside design ideas and architectural elements of different styles. Contemporary interior style in eclectic fashion appears unique, fresh and interesting.


This inside style allows to experiment and is dependent in on the creativity and taste of the person. Appreciate these contemporary interior design ideas and steal some of them for your home decorating, transforming your rooms into wonderful and intimate living spaces. Eclectic fashion is a superb option to spruce up existing interior design suggestions for the place.


Modern interior style suggestions in eclectic fashion for male professionals Interior colors for eclectic style


Eclectic style could be a mixture of comfy brown color shades and vibrant inside colors. Adding neutral colors to interior design delivers magnificence and stability into eclectic rooms. Creamy white decorating ideas, calming brown color shades and peaceful gray color tones provide best for this objective, assuring that exciting and modern interior design suggestions appear elegant and nice.

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