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ALLARTSDESIGN did the interior design of the beer store The Butcher's Daughter in the old center of Perm (Ural, Russia)


The room itself is located in the historic city of Perm in the merchant's two-story house, which was built in 1797.


Once we went there, we immediately felt the atmosphere of the past century. Each design (walls, ceilings, windows, etc.) has its own unique look.


The ceiling, as we learned from the archives, protected, because It is an architectural monument of Perm. The house has been designed for the storage of barrels of beer, after he had already acquired the status of a residential building. Merchant Perm province - Druzhinin DS, has built this house with his three sons from a brick (from walking out of practicality), as at that time there were a lot of fires and wooden buildings burned without reciprocating.



On the ground floor storage room, kitchen and utility room, master bedroom is on the second floor. Maybe this explains the interest ceiling vaults in the common rooms.


Almost antique interior is not made for a long time to reflect on the solution of this interesting pubs.


On the walls we left the brick and cracks all in the mind. Just partially restored plaster, added a bit of color.


Lamps we ordered from the United States on e-bay, as floors, walls, soffits and window sills we sheathed in yellow wood Guayacan, which was brought from Panama.


Large letters on the wall, were assembled like a puzzle. They can be assembled in different ways in different compositions. Universal serifs on the ends of these letters allow to do it with ease. Interior decor, this can always be looked at differently.


Kerosene lamp - was found in the attic of the house. At what time it was not known but it is believed that the first kerosene lamp appeared in 1853. Perhaps it is this light refreshment served at the time. As a result, the lamp became part of the interior.


Furniture we made here, but the two sofas "Chester" brought us together with a new beer from England


In the process of decorating, beer shop, overgrown lots of antiques purchased in Europe and the United States. For example, we design a toilet made of cases - which collects a variety of unique details and trivia from the cities of England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic.


The bar can offer not only taste various grades of imported beer, but also a butcher card.

The interior was very simple, concise, comfortable, mystical and spiritual. Perhaps this was due to the fact that there was a mixture of history and modernity, perfectly complementing each other.

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Russia, Perm

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